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Resistance Bands: Take Your Workout Anywhere!

Resistance bands are portable, easy to use and get great results! Perfect for a workout anytime and any place! A variety of strengths keep you challenged! Kira’s resistance bands workouts offer full body power sculpting with a variety of exercises! Bands come in a variety of colors that signify the strength or resistance of the […]

Pre-Mixed Workouts: Eliminate Boredom!

What is a Pre-Mix? A pre-mix is a way of changing your workout variables using the same exercises. Your mind and your body both benefit from pre-mixes, here’s how: 1. Your body reacts to the pre-mix like a new workout! 2. Your mind gets new stimulation from the new routine! 3. Your mind-muscle connection gets […]

Meet Your Trainer: Kira Langolf

Meet Your Trainer: Kira Langolf is a well-respected fitness trainer, former gym owner, class instructor, and athlete. For almost 30 years, Kira has been educating others in all aspects of fitness with her exceptional knowledge of nutrition and exercise adaptation. She developed the All-In-One Workouts for DVD to bring her knowledge to more people. She […]